Quiénes somos

Agropecuria Farallones is built with the knowledge and dedication of various generations. Today we reflect in everything what we do the inheritance and love that the first producers left us.

Our history began with José Argiro Arboleda Jaramillo and Elvia Lucía Puerta Ramírez, who started their coffee journey with commercialization of parchment coffee in Ciudad Bolívar (Antioquia). Later, in 1974, they bought the farm Los Alpes located in Farallones, in the same municipality where the love for production and agricultural management of coffee was extended.

With the same dedication they showed in their early days as producers, they opened in early 1982 their own agency to continue with the acquisition of Villa Luz. By 1986 the oldest son, Juan Álvaro, began to work in the family company to attend its expansion which compelled the company to transfer to a bigger land and current domicile. Over the years the farm La Dolores was added.

In the 2000, Agropecuaria Farallones SA was formalized. And in 2001 the youngest daughter, Olga Stella, was in charge of awakening the exporting desire in the family. In 2004 began the international adventure that today shows a growing trend. Currently the farms La Gabriela, La Hondura and La Francia are part of the organization. Later the lands of El Recreo and La Florida were added.

The contest Antójate de Antioquia was the final impulse for us to make the decision to develop the line of roasted coffees. In 2011 we won it, and in Cup of Excellence and specialty coffee contests we have always occupied outstanding places.


We believe in agricultural development around coffee, so our role is to boost production, processing, marketing and investment activities in this sector. Always framed in the respect for human beings and for the environment, and with full knowledge of our customers and their perception of value, we offer a coffee of origin, green and roasted, with great and unique qualities of differentiation.


By the year 2030 we will have a consolidated base of international clients thanks to the opening of an office in the United States. The standardization and perfection in our processes will also be a reality to enable the production of coffee of origin and roasted with extraordinary added values ​​and great prestige. At the national level, we will be recognized as representatives of the highest quality of Colombian Coffee in all its presentations.

Agropecuaria Farallones

We are a company with full orientation in what we love; obtain the best coffee of origin. In our acres located in a corner of Antioquia`s southwestern with trees distributed between Colombia and caturra variety, we produce and commercialize a coffee we are proud of.

Currently, thanks to climatic conditions, the position on sea level, natural inputs, including water from native forests; plus the constant renewal of crops, has made our grains reach a myriad of places in the world and have gained international recognition as a grain of the highest quality.

After producing and marketing for decades the best coffee in the country, today our endeavor has one more goal, to obtain a roasted coffee that is born Delalma and therefore being a reference in all places where it is served. The road started well, as we were already winners of the first place in “Antójate de Antioquia” in its 6th version.

This is how Café Delalma was born, when our effort and that of hundreds of collaborators makes way to become a roast and ground coffee focused on the specialty coffee market.

Values ​​that characterize us